About Us

Company Name

Maruichi knife

Representative Director

Kudo Issei


2-12 Okamoto, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo




3 Million Yen


Retail Sale of Kitchen Knives

Year Established

October 1, 2022

Kudo Issei

Having graduated from culinary school and Tsuji Culinary College, I studied Japanese food, Chinese food, French food, Italian food, etc. at several restaurants in Tokyo.
Appointed as an assistant chef at Au Gamin de TOKIO affiliated restaurant located in Tokyo, a popular place that is also known for being the most difficult places to book a reservation.
I currently run a kitchen knife shop [Maruichi] where I utilize my experiences as a chef.
As chefs, we are all in the same baot, I want to pursue and sell “that one kitchen knife that is essential in any restaurant”