Are the Knives Made In Japan?

All our Knives are Made in Japan.
We have a large selection of knives that we are proud of, made by our trusted Kitchen Knife craftsmen from all over Japan.

Are the knives suitable for home use?

Yes of course hey are suitable for home-use, however the knives are very sharp so please take extra caution when using them. 

I don’t know which knife is the right one for me.

At first, you can decide which knife based on what kind of food item you will intend to cut. If you intend to cut a variety of food items, we recommend the Santoku or Chef’s Knife. For fruits and condiments, and other small food items etc, we recommend the petty knife. If you want to use it to cute vegetables then we recommend the Vegetable Cutter(Nakiri) Knife etc. We recommend that you choose one with a design you like for an enjoyable cooking experience.
If you are still un-able to decide on which knife to choose, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Why I didn’t receive order confirmation email? 

There is a possibility that an error during checkout has occured, or a spell-error in the email used. Depending on the email provider you use, please check your spam folder as the email might have been labeled as SPAM. 

After checkout is done, can we change the method of payment?

After checkout, it is not possible to change the payment method. Please make sure you use the suitable and the right payment method before completing the order. 

Can I change the order details after the order has been made? 

If its not a fault in our system, Please note in advance that we do not accept changes after the order has been completed. 

Can I Cancel, Return, or Exchange?

Please note in advance that all sales are final and we do not accept cancellation, return or exchange. 


How long does the delivery take to reach my address?

The Estimated Delivery Time will depend on the product, normally after an order has been processed it will take around 5 to 10 business days to be delivered to your designated address. 

Can we set a delivery date/time?

Please note in advance that because we are shipping internationally, it is not possible to set a delivery day/time. 

When will the products be shipped? 

The products will be shipped in 2 business days after the order is confirmed. 


About our Privacy Policy

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Questions that are not listed in the FAQ

Please use our Contact Form for inquiries that are not listed in our FAQ.